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Since 1965, IGCA has served as a resource for candlemakers and vendors of candlemaking supplies, both large and small, from those who only make candles as a hobby to those with retail and/or wholesale operations.


From the By-laws: The purpose of IGCA shall be to instruct and train members, to instruct the public, to encourage cooperation, goodwill, fellowship and exchange of educational ideas; and to raise and maintain the standards of candle making.

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Membership is open to any person who makes candles, is interested in the art of candlemaking, and/or sells items to make candles.

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IGCA Member’s Showcase

IGCA members make and sell a wide variety of candles, from simple tealites to special one-of-a-kind collectable candles. Some limit their business to retail sales only, while others offer fundraising opportunities as well as wholesale sales to retail establishments.

In addition, several members are vendors who provide products, equipment and/or services needed to make candles and to help in your candlemaking operation.
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The Midwest Candle Workshop 2014 is scheduled for July 25-26 in Franklin, Indiana. These workshops have been great fun and are a terrific way to meet other candle makers and learn more about the art we all love.

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