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Home Crafted Candles

About Us: Whether you are seeking, votives, pillars, container candles, hurricane shells, special occasion candles such as wedding invitation and anniversary candles, this is the place. We specialize in special orders, so if you have something in mind, just ask. We will make every attempt to create something unique and tailored to your taste. Custom labeling is available with a certain minimum order required.

Phone: 214-797-7062

Kechi Candle Factory

About Us: Highly fragranced pillars, scent chunks, joined tapers, container candles, votives, and rosehip potpourri, all lovingly handcrafted in a primitive country style in America's Heartland.

Phone: 316-744-7477

Kreative Kraftwerks

About Us: We have been making soy candles since 2002 and have since added many products, to include decorative paraffin or palm wax pillars, handcrafted soap, lotion and gift sets. In addition to retailing our products at local markets, we also offer wholesale pricing and fundraiser ideas.

Phone: 920-579-1622

Mountain Air Candles

About Us: Mountain Air Candles, a new company formed with the newest technologies, finest quality materials and old school craftsmanship.

Phone: 818-212-0404

ScentSational DeLites candle

About Us: ScentSational DeLites candles began as a quest for creating a superior quality candle that would burn evenly, fill your home with aroma, would not leave wax hang-up on jars, and not soot excessively like many of the popular mass produced candles on the market today. I became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of candles on the market (wicks not centered, half of the candle burned or tunneled down the center leaving excess wax in the jar, not enough scent throw when the candle was burning, etc), not to mention the price of what I was paying.

Phone: 763 420 3266